Tapestry Apartment

The 'Tapestry Building', located nearby to Liverpool Station in central London, was built between 1771 and 1778 by the 'East India Company' to serve the purpose of storing imported products from Asia such as coffee, tea, species and exclusive fabrics. The tapestry project was designed to refurbish one of the existing apartments for a London based jewelry designer, transforming the apartment into a singular space thought for contemporary living. The two bedroom apartment include loft-like spaces spaces that combine all the living areas, including open kitchen, dinning and living rooms. Although the lighting approach and the scale of the spaces are key to this project, the existing wooden beams and the steel columns are the main elements that conform the true character and inheritance of the apartment with a style that is impossible to achieve in contemporary buildings.

SECTOR: Residential

SIZE: 250 m2


Tapestry Apartment

· London, UK ·