Da Rocha House

Casa Da Rocha, as its name indicates ("rocha" means rock in Portugese) is located on a fantastic rock cliff in Armacao de Pera, in the Algarve. The main goal for this project was to create a house that looked like had always been there, whilst maintaining an interior flow and natural aspect of a contemporary home. We created a set of faceted white volumes to integrate 7m double height interiors and combined natural reclaimed woods, local stones and neutral tones and textures with the latest smart home systems, creating a perfect balance between technology and craftsmanship. The house is divided into two floors and includes 5 double bedrooms, an incredible courtyard to favour a sustainable approach to ventilation, and a wide open exterior living space connected to a 3000 m2 garden. The exterior spaces include a sunset area, a beach garden, an edible garden, an aromatic garden and a 20m pool to make the best of the summer period.

SECTOR: Residential

SIZE: 450 m2


Da Rocha House

· Algarve, Portugal ·