A creation space with an industrial past

LUV changes HQ

After a complete refurbishment, we present you a sneak preview of our new headquarters, located in the heart of Barcelona.


The goal of this 300 m2 space goes beyond fitting our growing team or adapting to the high project demand. Its main purpose is becoming a second home for the whole LUV team. We know that a welcoming space is essential to develop the best concepts and ideas. Therefore we have not only created our new office, we’ve also designed a big creation space where everyone can feel at home.


To achieve this goal, our new headquarters have different spaces. A working area with a 15 meter  long table to encourage teamwork, a showroom zone, two meeting rooms, a kitchen and a courtyard. The lighting is thoroughly studied to mix natural and artificial sources, creating a lighting control that’s optimal for working while avoiding to damage the sight.

On the other hand, we’ve kept the sawmill’s industrial nature. We’ve highlighted the distinctive features that remind us of its past through lighting and emphasizing the structure’s elements, like old metallic beams and ceramic filler blocks. At the same time, we’ve contrasted these industrial details with warm materials, such as natural oak wood.


We’ve taken care of every little detail in order to improve the comfort of our team to keep creating projects that make our clients live unique experiences.