We enhance people´s lifestyles


LUV Architecture & Design is an international company focused on delivering bespoke environments that mirror the most discerning of lifestyles.
The team behind LUV comprises award winning architects and designers supported by a highly experienced international management team, led by Christian Sintes, Ceo and Founder of the company.


Christian, Architect and Interior Designer with over 10 years of experience, focuses on the creation of unique projects and interior spaces understanding the need to bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary.
He has been internationally awarded as one of the best “younger than 40 years” architects by the European Awards (Europan 8, 9 & 11), and has also been Senior Lecturer at the private Architecture and Design ETSALS University in Barcelona.
Involved in more than 150 projects in the last 5 years, today he manages over 24 professionals around LUV.


Passion for Detail



From the very beginning, LUV’s philosophy is based on a quest for excellence. Providing absolute customer satisfaction, LUV believes that every person is unique, and therefore creates unique environments to enhance each individual’s preferences and desires.
Our somewhat atypical work philosophy involves a holistic approach. We cannot concentrate on just one part of the project if we want our designs to truly enhance people’s lives.
The knowhow and devotion for fine materials, the subtle nuances, the timeless designs or the premeditated balance of technology and craftsmanship are our keys to success.


Client Focused


We are focused on impeccable levels of service. Always striving to gain a deep and clear understanding of our clients’ needs and aspirations, an absolute focus on quality and attention to fine detail are assured.


International Experience


Our approach to each project is bespoke, and coordinates individual or combined services for design and construction requirements under a single point of responsibility. These include Architecture, Interior Design and Styling, Landscaping, Engineering and Construction Management.
We design personalized living environments that include fine details from furnishings to home accessories, while maintaining a fierce control over the quality, budget and program.
Our experience extends worldwide to some of the most exclusive locations across Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East, working across residential and hotel projects, which involve reaching singularity.