Paseo de Gracia 96 Barcelona Spain
Sector | Residential Size | Completion | 2017
Paseo de Gracia 88 Barcelona Spain
Sector | Residential Size | Completion |
K Apartments Luxembourg Luxembourg
Sector | Residential Size | Completion |
Les résidences du Golf Yaoundé Cameroon

As a prototype of a multi-family building, this project rises up at the same location and under the same concept of Maidadi Maison: a 5 floor volume, asymmetrically distributed in a horizontal plane, which uncovers balconies and culminates in a big, private solarium. This Swiss Architecture masterpiece, under African parameters, allocates a wide community area in the smallholding, offering a pool, gardens and several services for the community use. As a full-equipped complex, promises a comfortable environment for every family.

Sector | Residential Size | 1.350 m2 Completion | TBD
Y Hotel Yaoundé Cameroon

As an icon in the emblematic Yaoundé, located in the epicentre of the city, stands our new hotel, a building with 160 rooms created to encourage MICE tourism and satisfy public and corporative needs. This placement grows as a volume composition that generates an urban hole.

Sector | Hospitality Size | 1.185 m2 Completion | TBD
Bonavista Apartment Barcelona Spain
Sector | Residential Size | Completion |
Maidadi Maison Yaoundé Cameroon

Mont-Fébé is a lush hill located in the North-West of Yaoundé. Multiple services and family attractions make the region a well-known residential area, and the perfect place to build your dreamy home.

The house consists in a 4 floors volume, asymmetrically distributed in a horizontal plane, which uncovers balconies and outdoor areas and culminates in a roof top; an overlook of the African paradise.

Sector | Residential Size | 766 m2 Completion | TBD
Binibeca House Menorca Spain
Sector | Residential Size | Completion |
Addaia House Menorca Spain

Closely to Port d’Addaia, this house rises as an iconic part of Parc Natural S’Albufera des Grau, a vacation home project built in a coastal, rocky and natural area. Wooden front and white walls emphasize the Mediterranean Style and present a balanced environment. The privileged views of North Menorca are framed by pergolas and outdoor blinds.

Sector | Residential Size | 318 m2 Completion | July 2018
Diputacio Apartment Barcelona Spain

Located at Diputació street in Barcelona, this fantastic 4 room apartment combines classic chevron floors and very singular approach to artificial lighting, wich disappears while remaining integrated in the architectural shell. More info at

Sector | Residential Size | 160 m2 Completion | 2017
Paris Street Apartment BARCELONA Spain

Refurbishment and styling of an apartment located in the center of Barcelona. The main goal has been achieving the perfect balance between interior and exterior spaces. This sophisticated and contemporary apartment showcases one of Barcelona’s tradicional architectonic typologies: the home located in the main floor of the prestigious Eixample neighborhood, where living spaces converge on the interior courtyard.

More info at

Sector | Residential Size | 300 m2 Completion | TBD
Paseo de Gracia Barcelona Spain

This complete refurbishment of 2 apartments located in one of the most renowned streets of Spain, Paseo de Gracia, is looking wide open to the famous ‘Casa Batlló’. With 3 double rooms and a historical protected facade, the main goal has been the creation of a very special atmosphere that combines the old and the new into a unique development.

More info about these properties at

Sector | Residential Size | 450 m2 Completion | December 2016
La Musclera La Costa Brava Spain

Majestic refurbishment project of the biggest on sale villa in the Costa Brava, located in the charming village of Tamariu.

With 1.400 m2 built and 1 km of private coast, the proposal balances the classical yet protected style of 1924 with an interior design and styling thought for contemporary living.

More info about the property at

Sector | Residential Size | 1.400 m2 Completion | TBD
Pia House Menorca Spain

This house, located on the south coast of Menorca, blends into the coastline while perfectly balancing its indoor and outdoor spaces. The vegetation becomes part of the building, almost like an indoor oasis. All the rooms combine natural and autochthonous materials with hints of spring-inspired colours, creating an atmosphere designed for both comfort and rest. Materials and finishes have been carefully selected to play with the daylight, creating different sensations according to the time of the day.


Sector | Residential Size | 500 m2 Completion | July 2016
D-House Menorca Spain

Island flavour for a little house on the south coast of the Island. The house creates different environments through the sophisticated control of natural light and natural materials.

Sector | Residential Size | 180 m2 Completion | July 2015
Da Rocha House Algarve Portugal

Architecture, landscaping, interior design, engineering, setting and styling for a house located on top of a cliff. As its name indicates, (‘rocha’ means rock in Portuguese), this house blends in harmony with nature on the highest point of a rock cliff.
The project is based on a maximum respect for the surroundings into which every corner of the house becomes integrated, creating the perfect balance between technology and craftsmanship. The objective: to create spaces designed for the lifestyle of its dwellers.

Sector | Residential Size | 450 m2 Completion | April 2017
Garraf House Barcelona Spain

Architectural design, landscaping and interior design for a singular house in front of the Mediterranean Sea. We believe in respecting the relationship between the interior spaces and their surrounding landscape, since each cannot exist without the other.

Sector | Residential Size | 650 m2 Completion | TBD
Nano House Algarve Portugal

Our challenge was to build the best Nano House in the South of Portugal combining the uniqueness and sophistication of modern conveniences with the traditional flavour of its environment.
Our project included the addition of an extra floor and the incorporation of a natural lighting system to feed the house with light.

Sector | Residential Size | 75 m2 Completion | July 2015
Square House Menorca Spain

Design project for a house shying away from its neighbours while welcoming its owners. The house is a compact geometric figure divided over two floors to save the land’s incline. Local materials, such as natural stone, and the harmony provided by using whites have been combined to bring out Menorca’s true character.

*Published at Arquitectura y Diseño.*Published at Deco-Estilo. *Published at The Best Coastal Homes.

Sector | Residential Size | 180 m2 Completion | January 2008
Mahon Apartment Menorca Spain

This white-walled apartment is the summer hideaway for a couple of art collectors. The refurbishment undertaken aimed at unifying two apartments located on two different levels. The result is a unique and practical open-space with impressive views of the Mahon port.

*Published at AD-Architectural Digest. * Front Cover at Ideat.

Sector | Residential Size | 180 m2 Completion | July 2012